The G Residence

I think this has got to be one of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen.
Created and owned by my business Partner Joanna Gick..

Clever. Detailed. Gorgeous
Jo's House

The Master Bedroom
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Master Bathroom

This Bath used to look like this....

The New Master Bathroom

Dining Room

The Powder

Custom Wall Art of her Pooches..
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A bit of wallpaper and molding can magically transform a niche..

The Family Room

Can you believe this room used to look like this?

The Kitchen...Before

And After...



Baby Marin's Nursery

Photos Courtesy of John Woodcock

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  1. Gorgeous home, gorgeous pictures!

  2. Would love to know where Jo found the sinks! I'm also searching for vessel sinks (and just about to order a round one on the internet), but i like the wide space of her rectangular sinks.
    House is amazing....LOVE all the fab ideas!