We are going a little Batty around here!

Halloween is just around the corner!! 

never feel like I am, I still have to pull my 9 year old's stick man costume together...

But in the meantime, because procrastination is my best friend,
 I decided to put up my construction paper bats instead...

They really bring the Halloween vibe home, and my boys LOVE them. 
They are so easy to make too!

All you need is....
A Template (click here)

 Black Construction Paper


Painters tape (it's easier to take off after Halloween)


1. Simply print out the template (it's fun to print them out in 2 different sizes)
2.Cut the bats out of the construction paper
Side note:  I like to cut them out while watching Sixth Sense
I . see. dead. people.

3. Fold them in 1/2 so they will look more like they are flying off the wall..
4. Attach tape sticky side out

5. Apply them to the wall in a flying formation
(I usually group a cluster together and then have them gradually spaced further and further apart..)

In the end, you have some pretty spooky bats!
Another plus? you only need to make them once! 
After Halloween I take them down, take the tape off and store them for next year...

Have a Safe and Spooky Halloween!

Muah hahaha hahahaha hahahaha!


A Little Escape. Master Bedroom Renovation. Before and After

We were contacted by a couple whom found our company on Houzz. They were interested in ktransforming their Master Bedroom into a place that was all their own. A little escape that made them feel like they were on vacation inside their own home.

Here are photos of their Bedroom before. Simple. Plain. No Fuss.

 Here is the Design Board we pulled together for them. We wanted to mix textures but keep the palette very calm and serene. Little punches of color were all that was needed.

Here is the finished rooom! We thought out every detail from the faux grass cloth paper on the headboard wall to the nail head trim on the bed. I don't know about you, but I could take a nice Sunday nap in that gorgeous bed!

Photo by John Woodcock Photography

The high ceilings were accented with the very tall drapery for extra drama. This bedroom is so large that there was plenty a room for a nice little sitting area to snuggle up and read a book.

Photo by John Woodcock Photography

 Photo by John Woodcock Photography

Photo by John Woodcock Photography
J&J is very busy these days! Stay tuned for our next project.

Weekend Warriors..... Playhouse Update!

The weather is starting to cool down here in AZ. This is a welcomed affair considering it is 100 degrees plus way too many months out of the year.  Back in 2011 when Marin was 2, we built her a playhouse in the back yard. See the post on our blog here:

Well, just like any house, improvements need to be made over the years. 1094 Honeysuckle Drive was hurting for an update. The front door was not holding up to the hot weather and the paint was looking a little tired:(  The curb appeal was needing some major help.

First order of business: New Color Scheme! Navy and Coral are so hot right now, I just couldn't help myself.

Second Order Of Business: Recruit some helpers (the cuter the better)

Then, Put them to work!!

Daddy worked late into the night......

It didn't cost much for our little transformation. We didn't go over $100.00 for a new door some paint and a little elbow grease. I am currently working on the inside but it isn't quite finished yet.

The final Product!

A couple Happy Customers..... bring on the cooler weather, we love to be outside!!

If you read my last post you may be wondering what is going on with my fairy doors?? It's complicated and a sore subject. Stay tuned and I'll let you know what is up with that.

A Peaceful Master Bedroom Retreat

We just love it when our designs come to life! 
We recently completed a beautiful Master Bedroom makeover and can't wait to share it!

Let's back up a minute......This is in the same house that we showcased a while back...
Just to jog your memory, here are a couple pictures of their living room and family room....
Photo courtesy of John Woodcock Photography
Photo courtesy of John Woodcock Photography

Our clients wanted a  master bedroom that felt timeless and classic...they envisioned a  relaxed, cozy retreat. We immediately thought of big comfy pillows and a duvet that felt like you were sleeping on a cloud...
Now to pull it all together...

Here is a look a the design board we came up for them... 
We wanted this room to relate to the rest of the house, so we continued the color scheme into this room.

Here is the room finished! 
The canopy bed really sets the tone of the room.. A bonus? If the homeowners ever want a little change, they can take canopy down, and install the four round ball finials that came with the bed to create a four poster bed look. We love options!

Photo courtesy of John Woodcock Photography

Photo courtesy of John Woodcock Photography
Photo courtesy of John Woodcock Photography
Photo courtesy of John Woodcock Photography

We are in love with the detailing on this mirror...It bounces the light around the room beautifully!
 Hope you enjoyed this lovely little tour, now, on to the next room!
J & J

A Day in the life of Jo. What even is a Fairy Door?!

If you know me well, you know that I am always dreaming up something to make for my kiddos. Yes, I may go a little overboard at their birthday party themes, their Halloween costumes, or even their air conditioned playhouse.  Well... I can't really help it......... It's just what I do! It's fun for me! People always ask "how do you have time to do all that?" My answer is "I don't really know? I guess you just make time for things that are fun for you. And I guess I love to spoil my kids!

Marin's 2nd Birthday Gnomes and Fairies
 Marin's 3rd Birthday ~ Mary Poppins

I think my problem is that I get an idea in my head of how I want something to look and I search all over for it and when I can't find it, I just have to make it myself. Then I think and think and think some more about how I can make it. It's like I can't shut my brain off. The same thing happens when I start designing a room. I become a little obsessed with it.

Want to know what I have been lying in bed at night figuring out how I'm going to make them for my kid's bedrooms?????


What is a fairy door you ask? Well, it is a little door in your child's room where their own personal fairy lives to watch over them and make sure they are behaving. A little bit like elf on the shelf for the whole year round..... Genius Right?! Here are a few I found on Pinterest...

This is my problem with Pinterest. I love it, don't get me wrong but it gets me in trouble!! I just happen to come across one fairy door (tooth fairy door) while pinning late one night and I haven't been able to get it out of my head.

Of course, I must take it to the next level. No, I can't just stick a doll house door on the wall and call it good!  Here are my requirements:
1. The door must open (how else does the fairy get in and out?)
2. Their must be a compartment in the wall for the fairy to leave a little surprise for extra good behavior
3. Maybe a little light at the front door will come on when there is a surprise inside?
4. The house needs a facade (to match their rooms of course!)

Stay Tuned my friends,
I have already started making Marin's fairy door and I guess you can say "It's a little out of control"   Or maybe I am?


Color Sophistication

Introducing vibrant colors to any room can be as simple as adding a few throw pillows and an area rug. What a great way to liven up and add character to a space! Want to add some color to your life? Check out where we found this look below!

1. Crystal Table Lamps
2. Gold Accent Mirror
3. Chevron Throw Pillow
4. Tangerine Throw Pillow
5. Thompson Sofa
6. Side Table
7. Vintage Rhino
8. Gables Taliaferro Armchair
9. Othello Coffee Table
10. Peacock Blue Quatrefoil Area Rug
11. French Yellow Ottoman

Light and Bright

New Project to Share!
Finally, we have gotten around to taking more pictures of our latest projects...
Thanks to the Immensely Talented John Woodcock!
Isn't he cute? (Psst....He's Jen's Brother) You can see more of his work here!

So...we had a couple come to us to help them update their family room and living room.
The rooms didn't feel cozy and warm.

We took a look at the rooms and while they were beautiful, they were in need of some splashes of
color and texture.. and some freshness to boot!
We are so pleased on how the rooms have turned out!

Family Room Before

Family Room After
That built-in was a labor of love...
It was a custom piece designed to hold a large TV (your welcome Mr. C!)
and tons of storage for toys that need to be hidden away in a jiffy.
Walking into this room really feels like a breath of fresh air.


The Living Room had a similar built-in on the other side,
and we dressed it up to match the family room.

Living Room Before

Living Room After

We just love architectural details! 
The white moulding makes the space feel fresh,while the charcoal ledge stone and rustic fireplace mantel bring in warmth and texture.
The furniture all looks like it has been accumulated over time.

We are dying a little over that coffee table.
We have kids, and if it takes a beating, it just adds to its beauty!
No stress!
We hope you have enjoyed this little tour!
We have more exciting projects being photographed!
Stay tuned!
j and j