A Day in the life of Jo. What even is a Fairy Door?!

If you know me well, you know that I am always dreaming up something to make for my kiddos. Yes, I may go a little overboard at their birthday party themes, their Halloween costumes, or even their air conditioned playhouse.  Well... I can't really help it......... It's just what I do! It's fun for me! People always ask "how do you have time to do all that?" My answer is "I don't really know? I guess you just make time for things that are fun for you. And I guess I love to spoil my kids!

Marin's 2nd Birthday Gnomes and Fairies
 Marin's 3rd Birthday ~ Mary Poppins

I think my problem is that I get an idea in my head of how I want something to look and I search all over for it and when I can't find it, I just have to make it myself. Then I think and think and think some more about how I can make it. It's like I can't shut my brain off. The same thing happens when I start designing a room. I become a little obsessed with it.

Want to know what I have been lying in bed at night figuring out how I'm going to make them for my kid's bedrooms?????


What is a fairy door you ask? Well, it is a little door in your child's room where their own personal fairy lives to watch over them and make sure they are behaving. A little bit like elf on the shelf for the whole year round..... Genius Right?! Here are a few I found on Pinterest...

This is my problem with Pinterest. I love it, don't get me wrong but it gets me in trouble!! I just happen to come across one fairy door (tooth fairy door) while pinning late one night and I haven't been able to get it out of my head.

Of course, I must take it to the next level. No, I can't just stick a doll house door on the wall and call it good!  Here are my requirements:
1. The door must open (how else does the fairy get in and out?)
2. Their must be a compartment in the wall for the fairy to leave a little surprise for extra good behavior
3. Maybe a little light at the front door will come on when there is a surprise inside?
4. The house needs a facade (to match their rooms of course!)

Stay Tuned my friends,
I have already started making Marin's fairy door and I guess you can say "It's a little out of control"   Or maybe I am?


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