We are going a little Batty around here!

Halloween is just around the corner!! 

never feel like I am, I still have to pull my 9 year old's stick man costume together...

But in the meantime, because procrastination is my best friend,
 I decided to put up my construction paper bats instead...

They really bring the Halloween vibe home, and my boys LOVE them. 
They are so easy to make too!

All you need is....
A Template (click here)

 Black Construction Paper


Painters tape (it's easier to take off after Halloween)


1. Simply print out the template (it's fun to print them out in 2 different sizes)
2.Cut the bats out of the construction paper
Side note:  I like to cut them out while watching Sixth Sense
I . see. dead. people.

3. Fold them in 1/2 so they will look more like they are flying off the wall..
4. Attach tape sticky side out

5. Apply them to the wall in a flying formation
(I usually group a cluster together and then have them gradually spaced further and further apart..)

In the end, you have some pretty spooky bats!
Another plus? you only need to make them once! 
After Halloween I take them down, take the tape off and store them for next year...

Have a Safe and Spooky Halloween!

Muah hahaha hahahaha hahahaha!


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