Creating Custom Wall Art

Take a look at this art...It's beautiful and modern...No?
Would you be surprised to know, it's actually fabric??
Would you be interested to know how to re-create this look for yourself?
See below...

1. Find a fabric you love that has a cool or interesting small pattern.
2.Buy a pre-made frame with mat. Ikea has a great option..find it  here
3. Buy some mat board or stiff scrap paper to apply the fabric to...
4. Paste the fabric so that it will be centered in the frame.
5. Tape the paper or board to the back of the mat that came with the frame..

Here, Jo did an interesting jagged pattern with acoordinating stitch of her sewing machine to add a little more detail...and......

The best part about this that it is simple and inexpensive, and you have some beautifully framed custom art!

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