Okay, so I've found a new *love* and it is Pinterest! 
Pinterest is a cool site where you can "pin" images you find online to your own virtual idea board!
Take a look at a couple of my boards below...

 Overall Board...
I love organizing all of my images into neat albums...

My Interior Spaces Board...

 You can even have other boards of inspiration as well...Take my "soiree" board. I love planning parties and all the details that go with it...

So this is right up my alley..
Not only can you pin images from your favorite blog or magazine, but you can also view pins from others and add them to your board as well! It's a great source of inspiration for  upcoming projects or a blog...

The thing about Pinterest is that it is a club that you have to be invited in. 
Fortunately, I had a friend who already knew about it...and she sent me an invite...
Take a look at my boards here.

If you would like an invite, just leave me your email in the comments I will send you one!
Happy Pinning!

(Jo is working on hers too...)


  1. Leave your email here if you would like an invite!
    XO, Jen

  2. So cool. Can't believe I didn't know about this.....please invite me Jen!!! :)

  3. PLEASE!