An Ugly Chair Gets the Breath of a New Beautiful Life

Look at this poor chair....
This chair has been through ALOT. When I saw it for the first time, the chair had gorgeous bones, but it looked like it survived the worst of times. If only it could talk, I'm sure it would have some stories to tell...

My client received this chair from her church for free.. It had amazing bones, but the fabric was torn, the foam cushions were flat from years of use..and it looked like someone had used the chair to cut their hair. What??? GROSS!

The Chair's Fate gets worse...
On the day my client was going to deliver the chair to me, they put it in the back of their truck, and headed out on the freeway...The poor chair FELL OUT OF THE TRUCK WHILE DRIVING 65 MPH. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the chair didn't fare so well.. The wood moulding around the back of the chair was sheared off. The arms were banged up and the back legs were ripped off...
OH Brother.

Fortunately, the chair's story gets better from here.. 
Here is a picture of the chair after the wood pieces were restored and stained a Pecan Finish. It's looking better..
That lovely square of fabric is the new fabric... It's a gorgeous gray blue linen with dye variation and texture..

A few weeks after the stain was completed...VOILA! A new chair! I'm in love. Can I keep it for myself?

So what do you think? It looks perfect in my client's bedroom. Right at home where it looks like it was all along..Not only is it gorgeous, but super comfy to sit in too. Win Win!

Do you have a chair or sofa that has seen better days and could use a face lift?
Email us!
XO, Jen

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