Another Sneak Peak- Las Vegas

I'm so sorry that we haven't posted pictures yet from Las Vegas, this week has been a busy one! 
We have lots of projects going on, so that is exciting!
Here is a sneak peak of our preliminary install that we did in Las Vegas. 

He loves classic. She loves rustic,colorful, and whimsical. 
It's so fun seeing both of their styles come together.
This is the start of the dining room.
The gorgeous rug foreshadows the color scheme of the house. It's warm, inviting, and doesn't take itself too seriously. The chairs are classic in design with their tufted backs and bronze nail heads.
The table is rustic, almost as if reclaimed boards were used to create the top and base. 
The drapery is a classic linen horizontal stripe.
As you can see in the background, we used the same stripe in the kitchen and family room. 
The matching drapery ties all of the open rooms together for a nice flow. 
We also hung the drapery just below the crown moulding to make the spaces feel grander.
To finish the room, we will be ordering a new light fixture and bringing color up onto the table top with a gorgeous center piece and wallpapering the ceiling. It's going to look dynamite!

Stay tuned! A dramatic new facelift for the Kitchen is currently in the works!

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