Colors, Shades and Hues...... OH MY!

Have you ever walked into the paint department at your local hardware store looking for a simple interior color to freshen up your house?  SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!

Leave it to J&J to be there when you are in dire need of a little design advice.
Here are some TRIED AND TRUE shades of beige that are Jen and Jo's personal favorites
You can't go wrong with any of these!

Jo really likes Dunn Edwards Colors so here are her top 5 Interior All over Colors.
Dunn Edwards- Play on Gray - DE6228
Dunn Edwards- Desert Suede- DE6206
Dunn Edwards- Egyptian Sand- DE6207
Dunn Edwards-Pale Beach- DE6199
Dunn Edwards- Sand Dollar- DE6171 ( This is the interior of Jo's house)

REMEMBER.... You can order the samples here and you can walk into any hardware store and give them the above information and they can punch it into their computer and you are good to go!

Jen is a Sherwin Williams kind of a Gal! Here are some of her favorites. They even have a color visualizer tool where you can upload your own photos and experiment with a variety of colors or try some of Jen's tried and true below...
Sherwin Williams-Softer Tan- SW6141
 Sherwin Williams-Macadamia- SW6142
Sherwin Williams-Basket Beige- SW6143
Sherwin-Williams-Relaxed Khaki SW6149
Sherwin Williams-Universal Khaki- SW6150

So go ahead print out the list....... This could make your life a lot easier!
Our favorite finish is FLAT or EGGSHELL, but if you have little ones.....Low Sheen is the next step up. Trim always looks spectacular in a semi-gloss or glossy.
These colors will look great in any setting..
Have fun!

(Images courtesy of Google Images)
If we have not credited the correct source for these images, please send us an email and we will make sure the correct source is credited.

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