Gorgeous Bathrooms to Inspire!

It seems as if Bathroom remodels are one of our most popular design requests right now with
J & J...
Which has gotten me looking for some inspirational photos...
Here are a few pictures of gorgeous bathroom designs that are sure to inspire!

Gorgeous Floors! Love the Moody black paint..
I love the idea of a gallery wall..

This wallpaper would be a treat for your guests! Totally unexpected!

I love the backsplash on this pedestal sink.

 This is simply stunning. I'd love to replicate this in my guest bathroom.

 I love how the tile are used throughout the space. 

Hope you are inspired!


Photo Credits:
1. Best In Bath, Suzanne Dimma, House and Home
2.- 9.Unsure of Sources

I am unsure of some of the sources of the images above as they have been saved in my files for a while. If your image has been shown and I have not credited the image correctly, please send me an email and I will make sure you are credited accordingly.

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  1. Outrageously pretty! I am in love with that soaking tub!