Wallpaper is Back!

Remember that old tired wallpaper you used to see in your grandmother's house, maybe even in your own home growing up?
Well... wallpaper is back and has been back for a while, and it's hot!
 You can apply it to about anything these days for a fresh updated look.

Here is some inspiration we've pulled together to show you that wallpaper, indeed, can look chic and current!

Applying wallpaper to the back of a island can add instant drama and be totally unexpected.

I love how they installed vertical striped wallpaper horizontally,
 horizontal stripes tend to make a room feel larger. 

Wallpaper as a ceiling treatment is always an unexpected happy surprise.
When it is applied to the walls it visually makes the ceilings seem taller. 

I loved this idea with the wallpaper inset in closet doors...
I'd love to try and do this in my own home.
This wallpaper application has a definite WOW factor.
It would also look so dynamic on a headboard wall. I'd choose a more neutral tone.

This wallpaper available from Thibaut is fresh and vibrant.

This room invites coziness and napping...

The wallpaper takes center stage when framed out with molding.

Hope you are inspired!

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We are not sure of the original source of some of the photos shown...If we have not credited the correct source for these images, please send us an email and we will make sure the correct source is credited.

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