DIY Office Update for J&J

We are getting pretty busy over here at J&J! So what better way to kick off  a great summer than a new office update? I always seem to have some crazy ideas to keep things fresh around here! Since Jen and I can't seem to get enough of the pattern Chevron lately..... It is the background of our blog!
Why not paint it in our office!!

This is what we were working with.
                                                                                                                      Photo: John Woodcock

 Although I loved my horizontal stripes and Mid Century Mod silhouettes.....Well..... I'm over it!

So we said goodbye with some KILZ paint (it covers just about anything)
Poor Dave.... I've always got him busy with my projects. He's such a good sport!

First, we painted the wall white so we could do the dark grey contrasting Chevron pattern over it.
Next step, I made the template.
I took a piece of chipboard and cut out the "v" pattern with my exacto knife.
I traced the stencil on to the wall with a pencil so I knew where to tape it off for painting.
If you have a textured wall it is important to caulk the edge of the tape where you will be painting with Alex Painters Caulk (found at Lowe's and Home Depot). This will guarantee I nice crisp edge so the paint doesn't bleed. And then I ask myself  "AM I CRAZY??" This really is a lot of work but totally worth it in the end!

I decided to do a zig zag then skip two so it wouldn't get too busy. I had the bright idea after I had already traced the whole wall.....Ughhh

Well here it is..... And I have to say... I LOVE IT!!

I took all of our projects that were published and put them in IKEA frames above the desk!

Now, on to the drapery..... I was searching online for an inexpensive route for some new draperies. My search took me to Target where I found these really cool Dwell Studio table cloths that I had converted into drapery. Find the table cloths here. With a little love and lining from our drapery seamstress, here they are!

Here is a close up of the little birdies on it.
I found the drapery rods at IKEA.  Find them here
Stay tuned for the next project. I'm thinking maybe my master bedroom?

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