Oregon Avenue Bath Detail

 It's December 22nd
Do you have your Christmas shopping done yet? Are you like Mr. O'Dowd who loves to save the shopping for the last minute? Or are you an early bird shopper? I start "collecting gifts for my family once it hits Fall. That way it feels like as though I'm not busting the bank all at once..

It feels like Christmas really snuck up on me this year... I have a couple more stocking stuffers to buy for the kids and Mr. O'Dowd (my husband), but I am proud to say I finished the bulk of my shopping yesterday! 
It's crazy out there in the retail world... good luck!

Remember when I said that I would post pics of Oregon Avenue's bathroom tile detail with Penny Rounds?...
Here is another sneak peak...

What do you think? I'm in love with penny rounds...vintage and modern at the same time.
XO and Happy Holidays!!

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